2WC Part Deux – Looping the Isthmus

Hello Everyone,

A good friend of mine, Alfonso Perez, whom I met last year while riding in Ecuador on my first adventure told me that I’d know I’d been bit by the Adventure Bug if before I had finished that trip, I was already planning my next one. Well, I must confess, I got bit… a bit old vampire size bite. I am hooked! :wings

Near Ubatuba, Brazil – Aug 2013

So, I’m off to my next adventure, and this time I have company. Yessbell, my wife, will be riding with me as we make something that resembles a loop around southern and central Mexico, coming out of Guatemala where we live, making our way the Pacific coast, up towards central Mexico (Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico City, Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, and back south towards Veracruz, Chiapas, and back home.

When do we leave you may ask? Well… TODAY!!! I only have a couple of hours to finish packing and get the last few tidbits taken care of. I’ve included here a few fotos from my last adventure. Enjoy!

Up near the Andes, Peru
Desert near Nasca, Peru
Riding the Sacred Valley near Cuzco, Peru
Dry High Desert near Potosi, Bolivia
Waiting in line in Chiquitania region, Bolivia
Entering Paraguay