2WC Part Deux

Arriaga’s heat and Ventosa and its slight breeze

After leaving the customs checkpoint right as the sun reached its appex, we headed towards the town of Arriaga in what has to be one of the most extreme heats I had yet to experience – possibly with the exception of riding in Honduras towards the town of Choluteca where I think it hit 41C, […]

Not just another border crossing

So crossing into Mexico from Guatemala, which I’ve done probably a half a dozen times, is usually a simple affair. Not so this time around. Just as a little background and context – I am a dual-national holding a US and Mexican passports. I would obviously enter Mexico on my Mexican passport, which I did, […]

2WC Part Deux – Looping the Isthmus

Hello Everyone, A good friend of mine, Alfonso Perez, whom I met last year while riding in Ecuador on my first adventure told me that I’d know I’d been bit by the Adventure Bug if before I had finished that trip, I was already planning my next one. Well, I must confess, I got bit… […]