Rider Report

Mid-Point Gear Review

I thought that since I’m nearing my mid-point in my ride that I would talk a bit about some of the gear I’ve been using and how it’s worked up to now. I should note that some of the gear I will be reviewing was in fact afforded me under a sponsorship agreement with the […]

Tena – A river runs through it

As I rode towards the town of Tena in Ecuadorian Amazon, I had an incredible ride through tropical rain forests. One incredible track that stands out is a ride of some 20 kms all riding next to a roaring river with vegetation so rich as if it was about to consume the narrow two lane […]

Into the Amazon

This was an entirely unplanned twist in my adventure. After all my research and planning, it was but for the Alfonso’s suggestion that I decided to literally take a left rather than head strait on my path. I headed out around mid-morning out of Quito after swinging by to Alfonso’s to pick up my bike […]

Quito- Colonial Architecture, turned the corner, and a new friend

Arrived in Quito after a few hours ride from Otavalo, just as I’ve done in many cities thus far – not having any idea where I’ll put my head that night. My routine now is to arrive into the city and find a nice spot to stop and be able to do a couple online […]

Tropical Depression

As I ride into Ecuador and near the 0 degree latitude, I’m culminating a few days of rain and dark skies. I’ve been now in Otavalo, a little town known for its artisan market a few hours north of Quito and I’ve had nothing but gray, cold, rainy wet days. The hostel I’m staying at, […]

Reflexions on Colombia

Well, as I’m on my way out of this wonderful country, it’s only appropriate that I jot down some of what I’m feeling and experienced in this wonderful country. On traveling and safety. Like many of you, I had my reservations and concerns about traveling in Colombia because of the cartels, drug traffickers, the FARC, […]

Popayan – The White City

I had initially not planned to spend much time in Popayan, but the timing worked out for me to be there for the Kick-off of Droguerias Alianza’s ERP project and my colleague’s trip, so I ended up staying several days. The city was one of the main centers of culture, wealth, and economic affluence during […]

Cali – Part Deux

Today it was time to get the bike dropped off for service and have its new Heidenau Scouts tires put on. I had shipped these a few weeks ago from Monteria for $11 rather than dragging them all over Colombia with me. If you’re riding in a big country like Colombia, if you can ship […]

Heading into “El Valle” – Cali

It has been several weeks since I was in a place that is flat and wide. Not since I left the savanna of Cordoba as I headed to Medellin had I seen such large expanses with a horizon that goes on forever. I had left the Eje Cafetero early in the day and decided not […]

Manizales… a new take on the San Francisco of South America

Built on two sides of a steep ridge, Manizales is one of the major urban centers of the Eje Cafetero. Similar in many ways to its big brother Medellin, it’s people are warm, extremely helpful, and rightfully proud of their city. It has however, it’s own set of distinct characteristics that set it apart. Manizales, […]