Page of Fame

This page is dedicated to those who have made this trip possible. Those who have made an extra effort, a special contribution in supporting the adventurer within, or provided motivation or inspiration towards achieving this goal.

It is simply impossible to carry out such an enterprise without the helping hands of many. This page will be evolving throughout the trip. It is only a small representation of my gratitude, as without you, such an adventure would simply not be possible.

Thank you!

Take a look, you too may find your name here.


Yessbell Carranza – Guatemala
Todd Proctor, TEAMS Training Center – USA
Carlos Hip – Washington, DC
Rebeca Godoy – Guatemala
Pablo Zelaya – Guatemala
Hugo Muralles – Guatemala
Verónica Gramajo, REALCE – Guatemala
Sara Gonzalez – El Salvador
Rob Leonard and Cindy Smith, BWM of Daytona – USA
Wil Morazan – Seguros Universales
Maurizio Dainelli – Traducciones y Crepas – Guatemala
Moi, Fausto & David – Motomania
Reuben Bakker, Competition Accesories – USA
Chris Peters, Quadlock Cases – Australia
Arianna Caldera, Givi – Italy
Mark Kincart, KLIM – USA
Jin Cho, SENA Technologies – South Korea
Joaquin and Karla Alcerro – Honduras
Hamilton McNutt – Washington, DC
Radioman – World Traveler
John Downs – Minimalist Adventurer
Crestedbutte-RTW Fletch – Adventurer
PORKANDCORN Fritz – Fellow Tiger Adventurer
Oisin Hughes – Not Dead Yet – Irish Adventurer
Jim Rogers – who got this crazy idea in my head in the first place
Zach Settewongse and Amanada Pollard, Pursuit Horizon – USA
Enrique Lopez – Chinandega, Nicaragua
Marissa Herrera – Managua, Nicaragua
Carlos y Carolina Toso- San Jose, Costa Rica
Victoria Walton – Atlanta, GA and San Carlos, Panama
Sra Naty – San Carlos, Panama
Erick, Zach, & Erin – En route in S. America
Jorge Macias – Bogota Colombia
Talia Mejia – Bogota, Colombia
DJ Hanns – Manizales
Andres, Alain, Jorge y Sory Con – Cali, Colombia
Alfonso Perez – Quito, Ecuador
Nicanor Merchan – Cuenca, Ecuador
Patricio Ordoñez – Cuenca, Ecuador
Maria José Ordoñez – Cuenca, Ecuador
José Ignacio Cuevas – Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Julio Acosta – Trujillo, Perú