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Our hearty traveler, David, or Daaveed as pronounced in Spanish, originally from Mexico City, has over the last fifteen years, traveled the world, but always for work. He’s been on every continent except in Southeast Asia and Oceania. David started riding at a young age and has made motorcycling not only a passion of his, but his mode of daily transportation.

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Aboard on Uncle Sandy’s BMW in the mid-80’s with sister along for the ride while visiting Kittanning, Pennsylvania

David grew up in Mexico City until age 12 when he moved with his mother and sister to Charlottesville, Virginia where he finished High School and had short lived, but fun career as Drum Major of his high school band. While in middle and high school, David also was active with the Boy Scouts where he developed a love for exploring, hiking, camping, canoeing and all matter of activities that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors. He then went on to study every introductory course in the university catalog at Virginia Tech until one day, after being severely warned over and over again by his classmates not to take the class because of the high workload and demanding professors, he walked into his first class in International Affairs. There at the front of the auditorium stood Professor Edward Weisband, who although initially appeared to be a proper robust and serious chap, delivered what was to be the most dynamic, vocal, and passionate lecture David had yet to sit in on. No one was safe, as the Professor would jump across the aisle, rip the mic from his tie, slam it in your face and demand “What do you think?” This started a life-long intellectual romance with international studies that is alive to this day.

The winding path towards a career in international development had begun. After a few wrong turns that brought with them invaluable life lessons to be cherished later on, David went onto graduate school undertaking a great Masters in Business at Boston University in Brussels (had to show some love for the ol’grad-school). With much fanfare and glamour, upon completing his degree, David walked the red carpet right into the world of the unemployed. At the time, Europe was undergoing one of their classic economic down-cycles and average unemployment in the EU was at 14% – Spain with its usual higher rate was around 21% – no job was to come. So, what to do when unemployed – yes, you know it – travel! That decision turned into backpacking across 19 cities across Europe over the next four months.

From their his life has been filled with adventures of both personal and business nature – working in International Development the last 15 years – that starts to almost sound like a career – that really took off when he started his own consulting firm at the cross-roads of technology and international development. Five years ago he started his most greatest adventure yet, when he married his wife, Yessbell, who is a bit of an adventurer in her own right. The two have had their ups and downs, but have thoroughly enjoyed the ride
so far.

The seeds for this motorcycle adventure were planted while traveling right after graduate school, but it took many years for the early inspiration to wake from hibernation. It wasn’t until May 2012 that thought moved into action as maps were pulled out, Google was queried until the keyboard asked for mercy, and planning in earnest began. You can read about the preparation process in the Ride Report, where you can learn all about the bike, the route, and all the ins and outs that got him to put rubber to the road.